Friday, January 2, 2009

WOW 2008 is gone already!! What a great year! But 2009 is here and we're so ready for it!!

2008 flew past without warning. It has definitely been a year that was constantly changing.
We went from no contact at all with Caleb in the beginning of 2008, to having over nights!! Ray and I both turned 21, which completely fathoms me because I did more partying when it was illegal than now when we're aloud! lol oh well does that mean we're getting old?! July was a memorable month, we got engaged and Ray got the job offer with Ryko which changed our lives forever! August we moved to a little podunk town that know one knows of.... but its ok I like our apartment! September was a fun month, it was my birthday (so how could it not be a great month!!) and I got a job offer with EBSCO! October Caleb turned one!! So we had his birthday party!! and we got overnights! (which we are very thankful for) Halloween was amazing! We looked so awesome in our costumes! November flew by! I don't even really remember that month... it was just gone in a flash! December, December, December. That was the hardest month of the year! But thankfully we're getting back on track and 2009 is going to be awesome!

So now the big planning begins! April is coming fast (not fast enough) and we have to start planning our wedding and family trip!! I have the most amazing mom, she is taking care of the wedding portion of the trip! (along with my sisters of course) All I know is that the officiant is taken care of, and he has an idea for a location. I'm sure there are other things but I am not sure what is set in stone yet! lol Its definitely not going to be a traditional wedding, but if you knew Ray and I we're not exactly traditional kind of people! We're renting a beautiful house in St. Augustine, it has the most amazing pool. The pool is surrounded by stone! It has a bar inside the water, and a sucluded hot tube!! The best part of the house is that there is an In-law Suite, that is our home away from home!! lol

We are in the process of sending out letters explaining our plans and asking people to join us. I'm not sure how many people will, but I definitely feel the more the merrier!!

Well I have to get on with my day now!
Thanks for reading my blog.
Have a wonderful year in 2009!! Do it better than 2008! Make improvements!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life is a high way...I wanna ride it.. all night long!

So, the wedding plans are still at the same point they were at in September. We may have found a photographer.. but we have to check the budget first. When I think about the wedding it gets my stomach all butterfly-e (thats a word now!! lol) I'm not nervous to get married just nervous about the day. I just keep hoping everything goes smoothly. I'm sure that's every brides thought...

So we moved about an hour from my family, and that has been really hard on me lately. It's not that I'm unhappy with where we moved just that my family isn't out here.. I miss having someone always around.. and having someone to just do random girlie things! I love living with Ray its just sometimes you need your girl time! So I appoligize to Ray now cause I have been a little emotional lately... its just that I miss my momma and dad.. and my sisters and all the kids! When you live at home and you've had a really stressful day its soooo easy to say.. i can't wait to get the hell out of here! lol but once your gone a part of you misses that drama-filled-hectic-mental-institution!! lol
The holidays are coming and my ultimate organized sister (frannie) is already shopping... If i could just have an ounce of her motivation I would be %100 better off in life!! lol Nikki is having a halloween party and I CAN'T WAIT!! PARTY ON WAYNE! Tiff is still being a rockstar!! thats her tho.. if i wasn't soooo impatient about growing up.. i think i would be right there with her!! lol maybe i can't hang like she can.. but i can damn sure try!!
My dad is having a really hard time right now... it just seems to be one thing after another with him.. and it breaks my heart.. he has always been the man that NEVER i mean NEVER took off work for anything.. and was always working on something and getting things done. Well now they are saying that he might have emphsyma. That makes me sick to think about what he is going through.. how could someone who is so dedicated to making a life for his family just have the worst things happen to him. it just doesn't seem fair. I could just cry all day long about everything that has happened to him in the last 5 years... its just been one shitty year after another...
On a happy note!!! Today Ray was (finally) granted overnights!!! Now we can try and live a normal life!! lol So this weekend is the first weekend Caleb will sleep at home with us!! wish us luck!! lol
This was kind of a boring one.. but what can I say I live a boring life!! lol j/k
Love you all

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here comes the bride!!

hello all!!
Saturday is the day were going to see a venue for the wedding!! It seems really reasonable which is really hard to find in this day! My parents always tell me that their wedding was under 1000.00 thats for everything! and I say....HAHAHA yea right... that could never happen these days!! lol A cheap wedding would be around 8,000.00, the average wedding last year was about 20,000.00. I am hoping not to even touch 10,000 i take that back... i am not coming near 10,000.00 lol my food, room, liquor, china, and linens... is going to be about 5,700.00, I haven't even looked for a florist, photographer/videographer, and cake designer!! plus.. you need gifts for your bridal/groom-man party, favors for shower and wedding!! when you look at it as a whole... its a lot to worry about!!! thank god I have my sisters to help me!! I think by this time (on my own) I would be in a corner crying!! lol
We are so thankful that my fiance's uncle is going to dj as our wedding present... we can check that off the list!! I'm hoping to get to david's bridal sometime soon with all the girls to pick out their dresses.... Its really hard to find a dress that everyone agrees on!! One thing that I said to them was that they can all chose what ever style they like and just have it in the same color! that is a great option for them!!
well i just wanted to blog again... and this topic is always fresh in my mind!!
i'll keep you all posted on the progress... leave comment if you have any good ideas for the wedding!!
love ya all!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is weird!! who's gonna read it!! lmao!!

hey everyone!!
this IS fun!!
ok since we only live once i plan on living life to the fullest!! lol idk exactly what that means right now... but i fully plan on it!! First, I am going to try my HARDEST to not listen or care when people talk bad about me... and about what people who don't matter say about me... as along as my family accepts me then that is all that matters. Second, I am going to smile everyday because the people that I surround myself with are the people who love me! Lastly/Third, I am going to have an amazing wedding... you only get married once and why not have the wedding that you dreamed of when you were a little girl. I know that I am marrying the love of my life, prince charming of my dreams, so why not!!? My sisters right now... i know for sure are saying or thinking... eww gross!! lmao... but its ok!! because i know thats how they feel about the person they have found too... my goal in life is to be fair, and to be a great wife... i don't care what goes on outside of our home as long as we have love what does it matter!!!! I don't know really what else right now....
God bless everyone.... drive carefully no matter the day!!! love everyone in your life.. who knows when their going to leave it....
every night talk to angel... my family will know what that means!!
love you all